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Georgia Chemical offers a complete line of car wash chemicals for hand washing, drive-thru and self-serve wash bays or pressure washing. If your customers need a pH-balanced product or a high-foaming product, call us. Highly-concentrated, high-dilution ratio formulas are available. We also stock products for cleaning the windows and tires. Water conditioner? Drying agent? Yes, we have that, too. We have “Bay Wash”, remember, the car wash “Bay” itself must be cleaned and maintained. This is your one-stop shopping site for car wash chemicals. Additional formulas are available. Now, what about the inside of the car? Check out our "DETAILING" section or contact us today to learn more.



Clean and brighten painted brick, tile, vinyl and masonry without damage when used as directed. It will work in cold water as well as hot water. Product can be diluted 1 part cleaner to 1 part water for regularly maintained areas.

16230-01, 16230-05, 16230-55


 car wash chemicals atlanta


An extremely high foaming, red car wash chemical with an even stronger cherry scent. Metering of FOAMY BRUSH CAR WASH conc. will range from 150:1 to 1800:1 depending upon equipment. Designed for self-serve brush equipped wash bay. Show your customers you care with more color, more fragrance, and more foam. "PH" balanced. Preferred by Most Professionals

38910-01, 38910-05, 38910-55


concentrated wash bay tire cleaner


A concentrated white wall and tire cleaner that is formulated for the automatic applicators in both self-serve and tunnel wash bays. This high foam clings to the tire surface to help dissolve dirt, grease, oil, scuff marks, etc. Dilution will vary according to application.

33030-01, 33030-05 33030-55



A super concentrated GLASS CLEANER. Five (5) gallons of concentrate makes one 50-gallon drum of ready-to-use glass cleaner. Excellent for plastic and chrome. 1 drum makes 10.

68110-01, 68110-05, 68110-55


car wash soap atlanta



A high-foaming car wash chemical with a cherry scent. Metering of HIGH FOAM CHERRY conc. will range from 1:150 to 1:1800 depending upon equipment. It can be used for hand washing, pressure washing, or drive-thru. "pH" balanced.

Preferred by Most Professionals 38810-01, 38810-05, 38810-55



Designed for self-serve equipped wash bays, and automatic high pressure wash drive-thru where a "pH" balanced moderate foam detergent is desirable. Lemon scented.

38920-01, 38920-05, 38920-55



This is a highly concentrated drying agent (RINSE AID). Application at the rinse cycle of automatic vehicle washing systems; result in sheeting of excess water from the surface and less blower or chamois time to complete the wash process. Dilution rates range from 1:50 up to 1:500 rates vary depending on water conditions and method of application. A good starting point for high pressure washer equipment is a 1:200 dilution.

38240-01, 38240-05, 38240-30, 38240-55


spot free commercial car wash cleaner


Promotes spot free cleaning. Reducing your detergent requirements per wash as well as the time spent drying and buffing a surface. It has excellent cleaning capabilities even without using detergents. Add some to your rinse water for spot free finish.

32000-01, 32000-05, 32000-55


car wash spray wax atlanta


A lemon scented, highly concentrated organic filming agent. It is a great "CHEATER WAX" for car washes. Metering instructions are: 1 ounce per five (5) gallons of water (1:640) through the washer.

38210-01, 38210-05, 38210-55



A highly concentrated, acrylic polymer and cleaner concentrate. Dilute at 1 ounce to 4 gallons (1:512). It will leave paint finishes with a high gloss and it will not spot chrome. Preferred by Most Professionals

31110-01, 31110-05, 31110-55


W.W.T. (White Wall Tire Cleaner)

A concentrated white wall tire cleaner that contains an organic solvent to dissolve grease, oil, black marks, etc. Dilution will vary according to application.

33010-01, 33010-05, 33010-55


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