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The Laundry Industry has trusted and relied on Orenda Brands Laundry Products for more than 30 years. The line consists of professional quality detergents, bleaches, unsurpassed spotters, sours and starches. Their widespread recognition and acceptance is based on the fact that the Orenda Brands has consistently provided the superior performance required and the exceptional value needed to successfully process Laundry, Wet and Dry Cleaning. Contact us today to learn more.




CHIEF is a Powdered, Alkaline soap blended with the finest surfactants available. The surfactants allow a wide range of wash temperatures and provide the ultimate flexibility for multiple wash classifications. This product neutralizes the most stubborn human soils. While buffering acid soils readily throughout the wash cycle, CHIEF rinses easily to allow simple and effective souring and provide the whitest and brightest wash possible.

80002-40B (Bag)


CRESCENT is an Oxygen-Energized, Powdered Enzyme laundry detergent with balanced surfactants, chelating, anti-redeposition and oxidizing agents. This is a product for dirty shirt collars, uniforms, chef jackets and table linens, as well as degreasing dark cloths, table cloths, napkins etc. CRESCENT is free of any solvents and can be used in temperatures from 105°F to 115°F for dark colors and 125°F to 145°F for whites. This product degreases in the wash wheel, eliminating dry cleaning to remove grease stains.

80001-40B (Bag), 80001-40P (Pail), 80001-400 (Drum)


FLEX is a Concentrated detergent with Industrial Oxidizers with Brightening Agents. This product produces superior cleaning results with minimum pre-wash labor. FLEX’s tough cleaning ability removes "ring-around-the collar" dirt, latex paint, blood (cold water), wine, tea, coffee, food stains and multiple types of grease. It cleans effectively in all temperatures and deodorizes most odors at washing temperatures at or above 110°F.

80003-40B (Bag), 80003-40P (Pail)


PRESTIGE is a Powdered, High-Alkaline detergent. This product is a complex blend of brighteners, surfactants, chelating, sequestering and anti-redeposition agents. Effective in all wash temperatures, PRESTIGE will produce superior results with minimum pre-wash labor. "Ring-Around-the Collar" dirt will wash clean at lower wash temperatures (below 140°F). NOTE: PRESTIGE is not compatible with home style washers.

80005-40B (Bag) 


RAVE PLUS performs in hot, warm and cold water washes. This product is effective at an economical price. RAVE PLUS is a Powdered, Phosphate-Free, Low-Alkaline detergent, blended with the finest surfactants, chelating agents, anti-redeposition agents and silicates.

80006-40B (Bag), 80006-40P (Pail)


RED is a Powdered, All-In-One, Slightly Alkaline detergent. It is compounded with brighteners, surfactants, chelating, sequestering, anti-redeposition and oxidizing agents. RED assures optimum whiteness and brightness for shirt laundries plus added stain removal for blood, wine, coffee, tea, "ring-around-the-collar", and food stains. RED’s best possible brightness is achieved with wash temperatures at or above 135°F.

Preferred by Most Professionals 80007-40B (Bag) 80007-40P (Pail)




2x LIQUID LAUNDRY DETERGENT is an inexpensive way to lauder all types of textiles and all types of soils. This formulation is carefully built to have a low irritation factor when laundered clothes are worn. Contains no phosphorus and is safe for septic systems. Can be used directly on hard to remove stains, and then place right in with the wash load. 

82132-01, 82132-05


ATACS is an all temperature and color safe liquid designed to eliminate reprocessing of soils due to fats, oils, grease; no pre-spotting is needed and is made from vegetable detergents. Biodegradable.

84812-01, 84812-05, 84812-55


BANDIT was born in an aircraft hanger where wiping cloths used to wipe down jet engines needed to be laundered. Incomplete combustion products, soot, fats, oils, and greases are eliminated from textiles during the wash cycle with BANDIT. Gentle enough for delicates, powerful enough to clean Jet Engine residues.  Will easily clean away soot, combustion products and greasy stains from fire impacted clothing. Also cleans musty textiles, restoring them like new with a fresh clean scent.

81286-01, 81286-05


FLAIR is a "Wet-Clean" superior Concentrated, Liquid detergent that cleans, conditions and degreases all in one step. Using FLAIR will eliminate the need for both alkaline builder and sour. This product is Non-Hazardous and Solvent Free.

80032-01, 80032-05, 80032-15


SMOKEY is a concentrated premium liquid detergent made to remove smoke and fire by-products like hydrocarbons, polymers and soot from all types of textiles and clothes. It also contains an effective odor remover that is safe, non-irritating and leaves a natural pleasant scent. Smokey will emulsify grease and oils so that they are washed away free from fabrics.

81278-01, 81278-05


TLC is A Heavy-Duty, Concentrated, Liquid detergent specially formulated to remove grease, oil and dirt from cuffs and collars. Its anti-redeposition agents excel at keeping soil in suspension for complete rinsing.





DE-CHLOR is a Powdered, Betadine stain remover. It is excellent for hospital laundry, sheets and scrubs. This product is also a very effective Anti-Chlorine compound which releases all residual chlorine from the applied rinse bath. It can be used to remove chlorine from swim suits and pool towels. As little as one ounce of DE-CHLOR will free all residual chlorine from 100 pounds of fabric.

80010-13P (Pail) 80010-40P (Pail)


PEARL is a Powdered, Industrial-Strength, Chlorine Bleach, containing 20% available chlorine. Gets clothes whiter and works in all temperatures. For industrial use only.

80011-40P (Pail)


TOTAL is a Powdered, Oxygen, Ultra Bleach made up of a blend of oxidizing compounds which adds superior brightness to light colors, pastels and white dress shirts. This product is also a deodorizer. While TOTAL will perform in cold water, its optimum effectiveness is achieved between 130°F and 150°F. Never mix with chlorine bleach.

80012-40P (Pail)


WHITE is a Powdered, Oxygen Bleach for shirt laundries. It oxidizes freely to assure bright, even bleaching. WHITE performs best at a temperature range between 140°F and 150°F. Never mix with chlorine bleach.

80013-40P (Pail)




ALLURE is a 4-spotter-in-1 liquid. This product will eliminate your need for multiple types of spot removers. Use full strength to remove ink, paint, oil, grease, make-up, shoe dye and many other stains. ALLURE is also a general purpose pre-spotter (wet or dry), deodorizer and leveling agent.



ECONOMITE is a stain remover specially formulated for "oily" stains. This product is also an excellent spray spotter, leveling agent and deodorizer. May be used full strength or diluted, depending on the application.



SCAT! is our Premium, Non-Hazardous, Hypoallergenic stain remover. This product eliminates stains caused by spaghetti sauce, red wine, blood, ink, mildew, grease, oil, make-up, chocolate, etc. This product can also be used as a laundry detergent.

Preferred by Most Professionals 80026-01, 80026-05, 80026-15, 80026-55


SOLV-ALL is a Liquid Protein spotter specially formulated for stains such as milk, egg, blood, vomit and urine. This product contains no ammonia and is exceptionally safe on delicate colors and fabrics.



STAND-BY is a Liquid spotting and leveling agent specially formulated for use on silk, rayon and cotton. This product will quickly solubilize any moisture thus preventing yellowing, circling and redeposition.



TANNAID is a Liquid spotter specially formulated for removing yellow stains such as grass, coffee, tea, beer, wine, fruit juice, mustard, etc. TANNAID becomes extremely effective on other more difficult stains when used in conjunction with ECONOMITE.





RHEA SIZE is a Liquid sizing and sour product suitable for use on a wide range of washable fabrics. When added to the final bath, RHEA SIZE imports a professional finish at all water temperatures. Washable fabrics press easier, wear better and offer a more professional finished appearance.

Preferred by Most Professionals 80022-01, 80022-05, 80022-15


TENSILITE is a Unique, One-Shot sizing, sour and starch laundry product designed to save time and money. It will safely restore the original firmness and body to the fabric that has been washed away over time.

80023-01, 80023-05




BLUE is a Powdered, Buffered laundry sour with Brighteners. It neutralizes residual alkalinity in the final rinse to assure a safe pH level.

80014-40P (Pail)


BUCK is a Powdered, Concentrated laundry sour that neutralizes residual alkalinity in the final rinse to assure a safe pH level. Using BUCK ensures that white fabric will stay white after pressing.

80015-40P (Pail)


NEUTRA SOUR is a Powdered laundry sour that neutralizes alkalinity in the final rinse to assure a safe pH level. This is a small, convenient, easy-to-handle 13 pound container.

80016-13P (Pail)


RUST OUT is a Powdered laundry sour containing a Concentrated, Rust-Removing agent. This product ties up any calcium and/or magnesium ions to prevent rust stains from affecting the fabric.

80017-40P (Pail)




APACHE is a Granular, Powdered starch that dissolves readily in the starch bath. This product imparts the firm, quality fabric hand (stiffness) demanded of today’s premium quality corn starches. It works in any temperature, on both dark and light colored fabrics, leaving the fabric with a satin finish.

80018-40B (Bag)


ECLIPSE is our more Economical, Powdered starch. This product can be used in cold or warm water, on both dark and light colored fabrics and leaves a firm, smooth, finish.

Preferred by Most Professionals80019-50B (Bag)


MIST is a Granular, Instant corn starch with Fortified Fabric Resins. This product imparts a superior quality fabric hand (stiffness). MIST is suitable for both dark and light colored fabrics and works in all temperature washes.

80020-40B (Bag)




2X FABRIC SOFTENER was made to leave all fabrics feeling soft and smooth. It leaves fabric static free with a clean fresh smell. It removes all traces of detergent alkail. Economical to use,1-3 oz per 50 pounds of fabric in the wash wheel.

82222-01, 82222-05


MINERAL OIL will restore the luster to silk garments. After repeated dry cleanings, silk will lose its sheen. This product may be used as a soaking solution or a wash additive for a "Look-Like-New" appearance.




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