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Georgia Chemical has several items that fall outside the main categories shown on our website. These products have been developed and formulated down through the years because our customers had a need or their customer had a need and they gave us a call. Our chemist then formulated and field tested these products. They work so well, we want to share them with other customers. Please take a moment and stroll through the list . . . . foamers, defoamers, drain opener, grout cleaner . . . you may find something that will respond to YOUR customer’s need. Contact us today to learn more.


ASPHALT RELEASE (water base)

Designed to safely coat hard surfaces without using harsh solvents. Prevents asphalt from sticking to truck bed surfaces. Just spray an even coat on bare surface. No Stick.

74900-01, 74900-05, 74900-55


BOOSTER surfactant system for hot water

Formulated to be added to acid and alkaline cleaning agents. At ratios of 1% to 5% by weight, it will increase wetting and bonding of most detergent formulations. It has excellent foaming properties, producing moderate to high foam at 2%.

55710-01, 55710-05, 55710-55



Formulated to give colored fibers deeper tone and better contrasts. For use on all types of fabric and carpet. Upon application the emulsified soils are easily flushed to the surface allowing them to be toweled or vacuumed from the fabric or carpets.

Preferred by Most Professionals 22210-01, 22210-05, 22210-55



Specially formulated acid cleaner for use on most bathroom fixtures and surfaces including stainless steel, chrome, plastic, tile floors and walls, grout etc. Will remove tough stains including algae, soap scum, rust, hard water stains, oil, grease and oxidation.

16922-01, 16922-05, 16922-55


CHERRY concentrate

Masks unpleasant odors around dumpsters, garbage areas, rest rooms, etc. Product dilutes at 4 to 8 ounces per gallon.

41110-01, 41110-05, 41110-55



Cleans and brightens unpainted aluminum without damage when used as directed. It removes dirt and road film from surfaces using cold as well as hot water.

11660-01, 11660-05, 11660-55



An additive for cleaning agents. It will decrease the foaming action of the product and therefore increase its ability to rinse quickly. Defoamer can be used with water reclaim systems.

50000-01, 50000-05, 50000-55



Designed to remove lime and sludge build up from process equipment, floors, and walls. Shipped in a ready to use formula for those tough, neglected applications, it can also be diluted up to 10 parts water and 1 part cleaner for maintenance use.

16340-01, 16340-05, 16340-55



A non-acid based drain opener designed to dissolve and liquefy hair, paper, and grease For use in commercial drains only. This product is not for home use. DO NOT use on aluminum, if drain has a strainer, remove it prior to use of this product.

26112-01, 26112-05, 26112-55



A dynamic mineral scale preventer and removal system. Dyn-O-Coil ingredients modify the normal crystal structure of mineral hardness so that scale build up never forms inside the pump, on coils, in valves, hoses, wands or nozzles of your equipment. It will not harm any machine part including seals and packing. Use starting at 1/2 ounce per gallon of soap mix, Dyn-O-Coil will also remover any pre-existing scale with each use. Dyn-O-Coil is DOT non hazardous, biodegradable, easy to use. Works while you work.

06141-01, 06141-05



An excellent "oil splitting" truck wash for situations where de-emulsification is required in 30 minutes or less.

12110-01, 12110-05, 12110-55



Highly concentrated, requiring very small amounts to generate a lather that will remove most any soil. This HAND SOAP is designed for use with pump dispensers or wall mount dispensing equipment. The lemon scent will leave freshness to once heavily soiled hands.

63000-01, 63000-05, 63000-55


HOT VAT & Jet Spray Powder

Formulated to be used in jet spray machines. Effectively remove rust, paint, scale and other contaminants. Also, extremely effective when used in hot vat and soak tank systems. Only for use on ferrous metal, contains caustic soda.

24000-40, 24000-450


LEMON concentrate

Masks unpleasant odors around dumpsters, garbage areas, rest rooms, etc. Product dilutes at 4 to 8 ounces per gallon.

41210-01, 41210-05, 41210-55



Cleans and brightens unpainted aluminum without damage when used as directed. It removes lime from surfaces using cold or hot water.

16500-01, 16500-05, 16500-55



Non-Acid Coil Cleaner has been designed to be safe for the environment and tested to clean air conditioner, evaporator and condenser coils without damage when used as directed.

11161-01, 11161-05, 11161-55



Designed as an odor encapsulator, this product will remove odors, not just mask them. Simply spray into affected area to effectively remove odor in smoking rooms, laundries and pet areas as well as garbage and trash areas. Super concentrate, 1 drum makes 5.

41491-01, 41491-05, 41491-55



A heavy-duty alkaline compound that effectively removes oils, dirt, and many other soils from ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts. At higher concentrations, it is especially effective on varnishes, soft carbons and polishing, stamping, and drawing compounds. Used at 110°F TO 180°F for best results. Mixing directions are: One (1) pound cleaner per 5 gallons of water for non-ferrous metals and two (2) pounds cleaner per 5 gallons of water for ferrous metals.

Preferred by Most Professionals 25 lbs. box: 29000-25, 50 lbs. box: 29000-50, 100 lbs. box: 29000-100, 250 lbs. box: 29000-250



A heavy-duty, hot-phosphatizing, degreasing and de-rusting compound for use through hot-water high-pressure washers, steam cleaners and hot dip tanks. Dilution will vary depending upon water quality and type of metal being treated. Suggested starting dilution is 2%. PHOS-TIZE HD will leave metals rainbowed, blued, and prepared for painting.

71010-01, 71010-05, 71010-55



Designed to clean drains using biological action to break down food wastes, greases, and other organic matter. This will deprive the odor causing bacteria of their food source, thus inhibiting their growth and ability to produce obnoxious odors. Use indoors and outdoors. DO NOT allow to come in contact with food or food products.

25112-01, 25112-05, 25112-55



Made from derivatives soy beans and has a wide variety of uses ranging from an all purpose cleaner to a heavy duty industrial degreaser. It is very effective at removing rubber tire marks and tire burns, tar and asphalt drips from hard surfaces such as cement and concrete; sidewalks, street curbs, driveways, etc.

75150-01, 75150-05